Team Assignments

From tryouts to season kickoff, manage player rosters with zero friction.

Choice Is Yours

Multiple assignment types give you the flexibility to handle any situation. Invite players with an option to accept/decline, require a completed registration to secure their assignment, or notify players of assignments after you set rosters.

Team assignment set-up options
Drag-and-drop assignment editor

Dig The Details

Get a glance of all open and closed assignments in one dashboard or keep clicking to see the specifics. View the current status of assignments by team, player, or roster. Quickly know how many slots have been filled or who hasn’t registered yet and edit assignments in our drag-and-drop interface.

Communicate With Confidence

Use PlayMetrics email and notifications to communicate the right message at the right time. Seamlessly dispatch team invites, reminders, or rejections to individual players or groups. Notification templates make it easy to send mass messages automatically customized with player and team names.

Automated player invite email
Team assignments dashboard

Just The Beginning

Once players are registered and rostered, they will appear as part of the team in PlayMetrics. Club staff will be able to view their profiles, communicate with them, share resources with them, track their attendance, include them in game plans, and more. Parents and players will have access to messaging, calendars, schedules, team forms, and more.