Risk Management & Digital Compliance

Tools to help you manage online interactions and safeguard club members.

Why This Matters

Updated laws, rules, and regulations in the United States have caused a significant shift in the way youth sports organizations address safety protocols both on and off the field. With digital communication as a fundamental part of any club’s daily life, potential risks and liabilities loom large over the entire sport and the leaders of every soccer club.

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A player’s primary contact is added to all messages

Family Inclusion

By default, a player’s primary contact is added to all messages and chats sent to him or her, helping to mitigate risks and provide transparency to club families.

Automated Message Analysis

All digital communications sent through PlayMetrics are stored and analyzed for various keywords using machine learning, then tagged with potential level of risk.

Messages are reviewed for potential dangerous keywords
Communications auditing dashboard

Communication Auditing

The communications dashboard allows club administrators to quickly search and filter messages. Club representatives are able to flag emails and chats that may require additional analysis.