Player Registration & Payments

Make every club program successful, from invite to invoice.

No-Stress Setup

Create programs for Tryouts, Competitive Team Programs, Camps, and more. Open up enrollment to all players, limit visibility to those eligible, or make it invite only. Include custom questions to ask during the registration process. Preview exactly what the entire experience will look like as a parent. You can optionally promote specific programs in the members’ newsfeed.

New club program set up
Registration subscriptions view

Financial Flexibility

Oversee your program finances with transparency and ease. Automated notifications to parents when payments fail, refund and dispute management dashboards, credit card expiration alerts - that’s just the beginning. Set program schedules with multiple payment dates, offer financial aid, provide discounts for early or upfront payments, and set overdue deadlines with associated fees. You can even edit how charges will appear on statements.

Streamlined Subscriptions

The programs dashboard gives administrators a view of open and closed programs, lets you reorder the way in which player families see open enrollment, and provides a view of total subscriptions, total money collected, and total overdue counts. Use the dashboard to adjust payment schedules, distribute refunds, cancel subscriptions, or add manual payment for cash and check transactions. View transaction details by program, account, or individual player.

Program financial overview dashboard
Player family registration screen on mobile

Families First

Make it as easy as possible for families to engage with your club. With PlayMetrics, they can register multiple players at the same time, accept waivers, select preferred payment options, and indicate interest in volunteering. Everything is done from one app, including group communication, team calendars, and more. Register on desktop, mobile, or tablet with confidence.