Field Scheduler & Manager

Throw those messy spreadsheets away forever and manage all your fields and schedules in one place with PlayMetrics.

Organize It All

Create custom field plans for full seasons, weekends, or for specific teams. Get a bird’s eye view of field usage in the weekly calendar.

Field scheduler for youth soccer clubs in calendar view
Add a youth soccer field in the PlayMetrics Field Manager

Manage & Track Details

When you add a field, you can include important information like availability, address, field number, field surface, and sponsor name.

Edit On The Go

Move teams around, change practice times, close fields on short notice, and more with intuitive drag-and-drop field manager functionality.

Drag-and-drop field editing and field closures
Automated notifications when soccer fields close or change

Automate Critical Alerts

When fields change, are closed, or times are adjusted, automatic high-alert notifications will be sent to all players and parents affected without you needing to do a thing.