Member Profiles & History

A one-stop-shop for accessing all the important information you need of players and coaches throughout the years.

Know Every Player's Story

Go beyond basic contact information with detailed player history like team assignments, positions played, attendance record, practice evaluations, and more.

Youth soccer player profile with detailed information
Player registration status

Clear Financial Visibility

With built-in registration, player profiles are updated automatically with current payment status and team assignments, so coaches and directors can see a player’s eligibility before any practice or game.

Coach Details, Tracked

Individual profiles for all coaches provide ongoing tracking of team assignments, titles, licensing status, coaching resume, and more.

Youth soccer coach profiles with detailed information
Youth soccer team attendance tracker

Automated Attendance Analysis

For every practice and game, know who is attending, going to be late, skipping, or injured. Coaches can record attendance before or after events and parents can update their player’s status anytime. Get a one-screen view of each player’s attendance record for the entire season.